The most important foundations for building a successful marital relationship

successful marital relationship

successful marital relationship-Marriage is the basis and the basis for marital life between a man and a woman, and it is the only organized contract and the main pillar in the relationship between them, and it is the basis upon which societies are founded, and marriage is a contract between two parties, the husband and the wife, and with a bond of love, affection and satisfaction, where the marital life begins between a man and a woman After their association within a sacred bond

with the aim of forming a family and having children, each party in the relationship becomes a companion on a spiritual path that gives him true love and concern in order to maintain a successful and happy married life, and marital life requires a lot of cooperation and understanding between a man and a woman, and a great effort to pass The relationship is in peace, and it stands before the problems and pressures without leaving a negative impact on the contrary, so that the marital relationship becomes better.

Also, emotional stability helps them overcome the adversities they are going through in this life by sharing each other’s pain and hopes, so that both parties show their willingness to sacrifice for the sake of the other’s happiness and comfort.

That is why here are some foundations for the success of a marital relationship, as the pillar of any relationship.

Foundations for building a successful marital relationship

Religious background: The marital relationship requires parity with the religious background, and the commitment of both parties to an appropriate religious level where the religious beliefs of the spouses are similar, in addition to the fact that many marital problems occur due to the different degree of religious commitment between the spouses.
Ethics: The good morals of the spouses help ensure the foundations of a happy life between them, as moral concepts such as kindness, patience, and tolerance prevail between them, and each spouse works with the consideration of God Almighty in his relationship with the other.

Social situation: where the social and family conditions of the two parties must be similar in terms of customs, traditions and lifestyles.

The necessity of acquaintance before the formation of the marital relationship: and that is that the engagement period (the period before marriage) is sufficient and appropriate to get to know the other party, and to form a comprehensive picture of his characteristics and character.
Receptivity: where the marital relationship does not exist if it arose against the will of one of the parties, consent is a prerequisite for the establishment and continuation of a healthy marital relationship.

successful marital relationship

Scientific Equivalence: Science works to improve and develop one’s ideas for the better, and scientific parity between the spouses is a basic condition for the success of the relationship between them, as it helps to meet their ideas at one point.
The level of culture: the success of the marital relationship requires approaching the levels of the culture to which they belong, which leads to the similarity of the ideas of each of them, and the reduction of differences in ways of thinking; And possession of effective methods of dialogue and discussion that contribute to overcoming the problems that may arise between them.

The external appearance: By the external form, we do not mean the level of beauty that a person enjoys. Rather, we mean by it acceptance of the person’s shape for the other party and satisfaction with him. Accepting the external appearance contributes to reducing the gaps between the spouses.

There are other foundations for building the marital relationship
The goal of the marital relationship:
The marital relationship includes a large number of goals that must be clear and shared between the spouses, which are: meeting the desires and needs of man, establishing a family, raising children, facing joint-life problems and difficulties, and so on.
The material situation: The process of establishing the marital relationship requires material costs that the husband must possess, and to ensure the success of the marital relationship, the material situation between the spouses must be equal and similar,

The most important foundations for building a successful marital relationship

it is mentioned that the difficult material circumstances are a main and main cause of disputes between the spouses, which may lead to the occurrence of Divorce between them in some cases. In addition, the financial aspect between the spouses requires cooperation and sharing, and they endure difficult circumstances together.

Emotional acceptance: where the marital relationship requires emotional acceptance of the other, and this includes the emergence of feelings of love between them and their development during the next stages of life.
Understanding and accepting the shortcomings and defects of the other: where no person is perfect, as each person is distinguished by a number of positive and negative qualities, and this matter requires accepting and bearing the faults of the other, overcoming each other’s defects, and focusing only on the positive and distinctive qualities of the other side
And this acceptance must be mutual between the two parties.
Constant renewal: It is known that the marital relationship is long in time and maybe tainted by factors of boredom and boredom, which raises problems between the spouses, and this requires searching for renewal and updating the relationship between them.

There are some tips for a happy married life

Marital life is in the beginning in its most beautiful state, where passion, love, and passion are at its highest, then the relationship enters into a routine stage, so if a person is looking for a happy married life that will last forever, and among the most important of these tips are the following:
Appreciation of the partner: Both spouses need appreciation and attention from the other party, for all that he offers to the other in all aspects of his life.

Take care of the external appearance: both spouses must be keen to take care of the external appearance as the years of marriage progress, and not neglect the dress, or hairdressing, or maintaining the cleanliness of the teeth even if the tasks to be accomplished on a daily basis, especially with the presence of children who take the most time of care , And attention.