The secret of the success of married life

marriage life

The secret of the success of married life-Marital life begins between a man and a woman after their association within a sacred bond, with the aim of forming a family and having children,

so that each party in the relationship becomes a spiritual path companion that gives them true love and attention in order to maintain a successful and happy married life,

emotional stability helps them overcome the adversities they are going through. In this life by sharing each other’s pains and hopes, so that both parties show their willingness to sacrifice for the sake of the other’s happiness and comfort.

The secret of the success of married life

Establishing a healthy marriage relationship full of love, happiness and emotional stability is not an easy thing. Rather,

it requires effort from both spouses to support their married life and maintain its success, and among the most important secrets of its success are the following:

Focus with the partner: Most of the spouses spend most of their time at work, and some may be preoccupied with work problems even during vacation,

so one of the most important secrets of a successful marriage to enhance affection and intimacy is the presence of the mind completely at the moment when the spouses meet, so that they try to forget everything related to work, They do not use a phone, computer, or anything that distracts them.

Affirmation of love and the continuity of marriage forever:

The most important thing that contributes to the success of married life

It is the spouses confirming to each other their love and their desire for the continuation of their marriage forever, by saying this directly, or through the actions issued by them.

Regular regime change:

The secret of the success of married life

The secret of the success of married life

Married life goes on routinely over the years, so the spouses should try new and enjoyable things together,

such as visiting new places in the country, or going to see a new movie; To add fun to married life, and keep boredom away from it.

Honesty is the basis for the success of the relationship between the spouses, so each of them should strive to be trustworthy by the other party, and both of them must trust the other.

Good communication:

Show confidence:

The secret of the success of married life

The spouses should always strive to acquire good communication skills between them, and to open the door to discussion in a civilized manner. To strengthen the relationship between them.

The status of married life is the first priority: both spouses have many responsibilities in their lives, such as caring for parents,

children and taking care of them, visiting friends, and working, but in order to have a successful and happy married life, the partner must be in the first place on the list of these responsibilities,

they must be avoided. Neglecting the other party when caring for other things in life, and trying to allocate enough time to spend with the partner.

Participation in raising children: Both spouses must share the responsibility of raising children, and a happy and safe family atmosphere must be provided for them by exchanging expressions of love in front of them, always showing affection and respect for each other, and planning weekly family sessions to discuss the matters that each member of the family has gone through. Allowing children to express an opinion on important matters for the family, even if the last decision is for the parents; Because that reflects on the psychological stability of children.

Tips for a happy married life

Marital life is at first in its most beautiful state, where passion, love, and passion are at its highest, then the relationship enters into a routine stage, so if a person is looking for a happy married life that will last forever, and among the most important of these tips are the following:

Partner appreciation:

Both spouses need appreciation and attention from the other party, for all that he offers to the other in all aspects of his life. Take care of the external appearance: both spouses must be keen to take care of the external appearance as the years of marriage progress, and not neglect the dress, or hairdressing, or maintaining the cleanliness of the teeth even if the tasks to be accomplished on a daily basis, especially with the presence of children who take the most time of care , And attention.

Overcoming minor problems and forgiving your partner:

The marital relationship, like other relationships, is exposed to quarrels, and many problems, some of which are small and can be overcome, and some need actual treatment, so when any problem occurs, you must be patient and silent for a while, so that both parties can review the events of the problem and find solutions to it without deepening it further. The partner must also remind himself of his partner’s positives, and that he deserves forgiveness, no matter what he may do.