Things to make conversation interesting

Things to make conversation interesting, The awkward silence is one of the most difficult things to overcome while trying to make new friends. This circumstance is so unpleasant that it may lead you to avoid meeting new people altogether, but there is a solution to avoid it.

I used to battle so much with this that I felt it would never be solved. I even assumed it had something to do with my DNA… But when I figured out how to solve it, I proved myself incorrect.

You can meet, talk to, and get to know pretty much anyone you like if you know how to keep those words flowing—creating fantastic opportunities for friendship, enjoyment, and shared activities that you might otherwise have missed out on. 

Things to make conversation interesting

Let’s start with several Things to make conversation interesting: 

Technique 1: No Filtering 

No Filtering Technique No Filtering Technique No Filtering Technique No Filtering. This is the reflex that allows you to express whatever is going through your head. There’s no screening, no asking yourself, “Would this sound nice if I said it?” None of that is true.

Do you dare to try it? The easiest approach to practice this is to start with folks you know a little bit. It’s liberating to understand that you may speak whatever is on your mind without fear of being judged.

You’re fine as long as you don’t say anything that could land you in jail! People aren’t concerned with how “great” what you’re saying is because they’re more concerned with how THEY appear. Is that clear? If that’s the case, let’s go on…

Technique 2: Interesting

“Interesting,” says the second technique, “tell me more!”

This method works 95% of the time. It’s a tried-and-true method that works exceptionally well for beginners. People enjoy it when you show interest in what they have to say, so if you do, they’ll stick around and want to chat with you even more.

“Oh! that’s intriguing…”, “Hmm, I’ve never heard of that,” and “Hmm, cool!” are all reactionary bits of conversation that show the other person that you’re paying attention, which is highly charming.

Technique 3: Personal Narratives

Everyone understands that stories enliven talks, yet most people just discuss their personal stories. When conversing with someone, you don’t have to use stories from your own life; you can use stories from everywhere, from stories about people you know to stories you heard on the radio, TV, or in publications.

What are some ways you may incorporate the stories into your conversation? The first step is to recognize that you can use them. You’ve previously heard them, and the more interesting or strange they are, the more difficult they are to forget, so you’re fine.

They don’t vanish from your mind. When one of them is mentioned, just share a narrative about it, even if it isn’t from your own life. Use any ridiculous anecdote you want, whether it’s short or lengthy, interesting or completely awkward—just use it!

Those enjoy conversing with people who are willing to disclose their personal lives in such an open manner. These strategies should get you started, but if you want to take it to the next level—where you can just have fun talking to anyone, find the ideal people you want in your life, and make friends with them quickly—I recommend taking some time to study more about how conversations operate.

If you do so, you’ll naturally make talks a lot more fascinating, eliminating any awkward silences that can hinder you from meeting the ideal friends you’d like to hang out with.

Final Thoughts About Things to make conversation interesting

Now that you know how to keep a conversation continuing, the next step is to use one of these techniques the next time you converse with someone. Don’t try to learn all of these skills at the same time; instead, focus on one of them at a time. You’ll feel more secure in applying the other strategies in your next interactions once you’ve mastered one of the tricks!

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