Thinking addiction is a form of pathological obsession

Thinking addiction

Thinking addiction-Addiction is a term that refers to a person’s habit of something to the point of being unable to quit it, and this term is always associated in minds with smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol or narcotic drugs, or some people may become addicted to sexual practices. And he is desperate just thinking about quitting or turning away from him

However, there is another type of addiction that little is known about, which is thinking addiction, but the majority of people who have an addiction to some behaviors that are inherent to them, including thinking, he is always busy thinking about his salary Is enough for the end of the month the daily spent spending anything that can be taken aside from his work every day, even as an obsessive one, we can call this state a thinking addiction similar to drug addiction

Thinking addiction is among people addicted to giving things greater than their size, so the person in this case thinks all the time, he is at work and at home while he is walking on the street or driving his car, he keeps thinking and thinking and if he wants to escape from him he succumbed to sleep to find himself even while he is asleep he continues In thinking, he cannot quit, just as a drug addict is unable to stop using the drug.

Even in prayer, he thinks, and his reverence diminishes and the matter becomes worse when he begins to complain, expressing his suffering, and he continues to complain without benefit until the distress of those around him, and he really suffers, has repeated thoughts, about himself and those around him, that hurt him and he cannot escape from them, this is what is called It is scientifically based on “waswas”, meaning persistent and persistent persistent thoughts, whose forms differ from one person to another, but they agree that they hurt their owner and always remain a source of pressure on him.

Addiction to thinking

Thinking addiction is a form of pathological obsession

When a person who has a so-called thinking addiction asks about describing his psychological state, he can answer that what he thinks always does not deserve such thinking, but he does not have the ability to distance from his brain that he cannot remove it from his brain all night and day, so that it puts him in extreme stress .. “This is the truest description of the suffering of the obsessive person, and some may find the courage to resort to the doctor to seek treatment and to stop his obsessions and change his life.

Is thinking at a certain pace or a specific degree may reach the point where we describe the matter or that behavior as addiction?

Addiction is not only limited to addiction to drugs or other behaviors that may appear to society to be forbidden, but it may actually extend to thinking addiction, where science defines addiction as a person’s accustomed to a certain behavior or a specific thing that he is unable to leave and experiences a state of despair in just thinking To take off or stay away from it

As we mentioned at the beginning, thinking addiction is a psychological state and behavior that controls a person, so the person continues to think and think without stopping … At work he thinks, at home he thinks, and he drives his car or walks in the street thinking, but the matter extends to surrendering to sleep to escape thinking – but – Thinking remains with him even during sleep … and the dangerous thing is that thinking develops with a thinking addict to thinking about negative things around him and around everyone around him, and the matter turns into a state of obsessive-compulsive disorder, which in turn turns a person’s life into hell and thus we find here the person who is addicted to thinking in desperate need of Professional psychiatric help to get out of this overwhelming burden.

Addiction to thinking

It is worth noting that the danger of thinking addiction does not lie in the thinking behavior itself. Meditation and thinking is a behavior that may be useful and desirable if it is in the context and the natural rate. But when the matter turns into an addiction to negative thinking here, we can confirm that the person has fallen easy prey between the clutches of obsessive And negative thinking addiction becomes devastating to the person

Addiction to negative thinking

It is habit and continuity to the point of addiction in a state of psychological suggestion that brings bad and negative thoughts within the person’s psyche, such as his constant feeling that he is not liked or unwanted, or that everyone around him despises him or that he has lost all the elements of success and hope for the future and that life is so difficult that it may be impossible to achieve any progress

When a person has an addiction to negative thinking as a result of a harsh experience that he went through that resulted in failure, the results of which are transformed into a reality that the person generalizes to all his experiences in life, which makes him really addicted to negative thinking and pessimistic thoughts

A recent European study indicates that delusional thinking patients imagine many pessimistic thoughts, which scientists estimate that 94% of them do not occur, and obsessive-compulsive disorder affects 2.5% of the world’s population, and some of its cases are a complication of delusional thinking.