Toxic marriage, 7 signs to reveal a toxic marriage

Routinely not possible healthy emotional connection. The line between toxic marriage and problem marriage is very thin. Therefore, we must be aware of the signs that indicate toxicity.


The presence of emotional dependence, possessive behaviors, jealousy, manipulation, or repeated discussions are indicators that the relationship is not going well. Also, these behaviors usually indicate a state of inequality between members of the spouses. One of them is gaining ground and exercising control, while the other is left in the shadows and can be manipulated.


A healthy relationship provides pleasure, happiness, and well-being. On the other hand, in a toxic marriage, one or both parties feel unhappy, sad, or anxious most of the time they spend with the other person. This suffering stems from the great emotional wear both in the spouses, as in the kernel of the family. Let’s see what her most distinctive signs are.


“They made us believe that each one of us is half orange, and that life has no meaning until we find the other half. They did not tell us that we were already born and that no one in life deserves to take responsibility for completing what we miss.”

-John Lennon-


Emotional dependence creates toxic bonds

Emotional dependence is a psychological trap linking the possibility of happiness with another person. Dependents can recognize the abuse and contempt they suffer daily, but they are unable to stop communicating with their partners. They seek forgiveness even for things they did not do, they are obedient and take care of all kinds of details so that the other feels comfortable, even though this is supposed to be at their expense. It is intended to gain the approval and affection of others.


Perhaps, the basis of emotional dependency lies in the low self-esteem that leads to insensitivity to their partner. These people are extremely self-critical and thus feel guilty, even the contempt they may suffer from their partners. What they don’t know is that the disdain of the other increases in roughly the same proportion as their position on submission.


Dependent returns again and again to the toxic bond, the same way a drug addict returns to consume. With each round, the situation gets worse, the contempt for the spouse increases, and the dignity and self-esteem of the dependents diminishes.


There is not enough love to fill the void of someone who doesn’t love themselves.

Toxic marriage, 7 signs to reveal a toxic marriage

Signs to detect a toxic marriage

Love and dependence at odds; If they coexisted, then they were destroyed. If this happens, even if the relationship remains between the spouses, the love will darken until it becomes necessary to be good, to be happy. This will push the boundaries of respect and an obsession with control, which will lead to the need to agree to dominate the relationship.


Disturbing emotions and toxic relationships have been identified as risk factors that favor the emergence of some illnesses.


Conflicts always arise in romantic relationships. There is nothing wrong with having different opinions and expressing them for the couple. The problem comes when it becomes routine and limits in existence. Here are 7 signs to identify a toxic marriage.


  1. There is no mutual respect.
  2. One member of a couple has the most power over both.
  3. There is no effort to make the other happy.
  4. It’s confusing to be a love freak.
  5. The husband is responsible for everything or always the culprit.
  6. The behavior of spouses is justified above all.
  7. Discussions are static.


All of these signs create an atmosphere of discomfort that prevents maintaining a healthy bond. They don’t do anything well, but they do great damage, becoming sick. Hence, it is so important to learn to be independent on an emotional level. This way, we will know how to be happy without the need for others and well-being creators in the relationship.


Dependence binds and manipulates, emotional independence gives wings to flying. Let’s try to take care of ourselves and want to build good bonds.


 You cannot depend on anyone to be happy, no relationship will give you the peace that you did not form within you.


Learning to love in balanced and healthy relationships. Relationships between balanced and healthy couples should be encouraged by the community, as this can avoid toxic dependency relationships. read more “

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