Trust in a relationship, 9 reasons why trust is important

They say, “To hear I trust you are better than I love you. We can fall in love with people we do not trust, but those we trust in a relationship, we love them.” Together, lack of trust can be a guarantor of destroying our relationship with those we love, after we have lost satisfaction with it, and fear, suspicion, and unease become the dominant feeling.


You know for sure your friend’s relationship with her lover or husband, who remains attentive all the time to all his behavior, and does not feel safe in him, or the Trust that makes her reassuring about his feelings, so she always tells you about her inability to sleep calmly, or enjoy their relationship, despite the love she bears for him, the matter turned To the burden of being unable to make her feel confident.


Your girlfriend is like many, and you may be one of them, and you cannot give your lover or your husband full Trust, and it is not related to your fear of being in a relationship with others, but rather fear and general lack of Trust, as you may be unsure of his feelings towards you, or you have lost the ability Provided that you are comfortable in his presence, or tell him any situation, you are not assured of his reaction.


Trust in a relationship is the basis of love

If you cannot trust, and your emotional relationship has lost the factors of safety and reassurance, and fear has become dominant, you do not consider that love alone can succeed in this relationship, but the loss of trust is capable of destroying and ending it, and that is one of the most important reasons that tell you why trust is most important Of love.


  1. Love and trust in a relationship together 

Your trust in someone is the biggest motivation for his love and the building block on which healthy and healthy emotional relationships are based. Love alone will not succeed in a relationship surrounded by feelings of fear and insecurity, while a relationship based on trust in addition to love can stand up to many From problems and time tests.


  1. Recovery 

If you feel confident in someone, and he can reassure you, this means your ability to get rid of the negative feelings left by previous love experiences and relationships, and you can recover, and start taking advanced steps in your new relationship without suspicion or anxiety.


  1. To become better. 

The presence of Trust can change the habits of pursuit that fear forced you into in your previous relationships so that you can relax in your new love, and give you’re drinking his personal space to have his time, without feeling anxious, but rather focus on that You are a good partner and partner in the relationship, which contributes to improving the relationship between you in general.


  1. Trust in a relationship means acceptance 

That trust is the basis of your emotional relationship. This means that you feel accepted, and you do not find the need to explain and provide justifications for any action you do, and you feel that you are well, you do not need to change yourself and your personality, you know that the other party loves you And he accepts you, he understands you and is aware of your justifications and your reactions.

Trust in a relationship, 9 reasons why trust is important

  1. Reassurance 

Because of trust You will not need to be sure of your husband’s love, and you will appreciate his busyness well, and you will not ask him or demand you to express his love permanently, as each of you knows his destiny with the other, and there will be more quarrels and quarrels because of the phrase “He may love me?”.


  1. Overcoming differences Certainly

Any relationship between two parties may face differences and challenges, and trust is the only one that can help you overcome these differences and challenges. You both feel confident, and you do not need to prove a certain point of view, you just try together to overcome the matter and deal with it.


  1. Love is blind, but trust does not 

Trust will make you able to see faults and deal with them with a lot of logic and rationality, so when you trust a person, this means that you gave him something precious, and if he did what lacks this Trust, you will be able to face the matter, not hide it if the matter is dependent on love alone, which makes you not realize the faults And overstepping in your minds and ignoring it out of fear.


  1. More Trust in yourself 

Trust in a relationship that every person knows its worth, so you find your husband supportive of you and willing to get all the opportunities that can develop your experiences and enhance your skills in any field or opportunity.


  1. More positive. 

Trust in a relationship gives you the ability to be a positive person, without being overwhelmed by the negative feelings that toxic relationships leave, from fear and constant anxiety, and a feeling of defeat and insecurity. You may be possessed at that time by jealousy, hatred, and lack of balance. Take care that your relationship is based on trust, so that you can be reassured of its continuation, and take care to build a close relationship based on comfort, safety, and reassurance.

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