Types of relationships in love

relationships in love

relationships in love-When you fall in love with someone, you cannot predict the direction of the relationship, but after several months you will really know what kind of relationships you have, and we show some types of relationships as follows:

1- dependent marriage:

Here, a party is dependent on the other party in everything in his life and helps him continuously in making decisions,

so he cannot live in this life alone and there is a party that lives his own life and another party hates that.

2- The Dominant Relationship:

Here, one party plays the main role in the relationship and the other party follows the laws that he has set for him and his freedom is restricted and the controlling party is skeptical and does not feel safe and hates secrets, and has a feeling of jealousy and blames another person for his mistakes.

3- Relationship after a loss:

Here, both parties lost a loved one and were so hurt because they are together because they both need someone to exchange love with, and this is just to fill the emotional void.

Types of relationships in love

4- The negotiating relationship:

Both sides are happy with each other, but from time to time, some negotiations and compromises occur on both sides in order to make the other party happy.

5- Toxic relationship:

It is a relationship that on the surface is a happy relationship, but for certain reasons that eliminate happiness from your life and be frustrated or upset most of the time,

you do not know the reason, there are several manifestations of a toxic person, including control, love of control, extreme jealousy, unjustified lying, negativity, and betrayal.

6- Relationship of interest:

Here, relationships in love between the two parties is a beneficial relationship, meaning she marries him to enjoy his money and material aspects, and he marries her because of her form.

The love in this relationship can be real, but the relationship is built on a shallow, fragile, and very weak romantic basis.

Types of relationships in love

7- Relationship for the sake of sex:

Here, the two parties are linked to each other for the sake of sex and nothing but sex because each of them is sexually fascinated with the other and there is no emotional connection between them and there is no interest in romantic aspects and no matter how they treat each other because they are together only for the sake of sex.

8- incomplete relationship:

Here, you know completely that the relationships in love between you is incomplete, but you do not really want to change that and do not complain about that because you accepted the other party as incomplete and your whole life as being incomplete and you feel that you are unable to change even if you want it because you are afraid of change.

9- The relationship far from happiness:

Here, you are unhappy in your marital life, but you continue in the relationship and completely move away from the decision to separate, not because of love,

for other reasons such as children, because you know that the separation will affect your relationship with them or because you are afraid of society’s view of you.

10- Relationship marred by complexity:

This is one of the most difficult relationships between the two sides because they both know that they are not in agreement

That one of them has an emotional relationship with a third party and yet the other party clings to him in the relationship
He does not want to leave him, which is a very painful and heartbreaking relationship

The problem is that the two parties in the relationship do not have the slightest idea about solving the problem or dealing with it.

11- Love / hate relationship:

And in this relationship, as there are love and fiery feelings, there is also the same amount of hatred and frustration
Although they love each other and each is intrigued by each other, they cannot tolerate each other.
This relationship can be fun at a certain time, but it will become a stressful relationship
And discomfort in the long run.

12- The insecure relationship:

Here each side has an independent life and their friends are different
Although the first party tries to convince the other party that he is loyal to him only
But the other party is supposed to betray or admire another person just because he has many activities and friends with whom he practices multiple activities.

13- The relationship marred by sacrifice:

This relationship is the worst form of unconditional love, as you love the other side with all your heart with passion and romance.
But the other party does not love you as much as you love him, and you make it a priority of your life and put it before yourself and you get used to giving
He is accustomed to taking, but this type of relationship can only lead to a lack of resourcefulness, conflicts, and heart-wrenching pain.

14- A healthy, compatible relationship:

This relationship is very rare, and here each of the parties is compatible and understands the nature and circumstances of the other
He accepts him as he is and does not try to change him, and the relationship is marred by trust, satisfaction, psychological support, encouragement, and not to publicize the flaws of the other party.
In front of people, expressing feelings in a proper way, and avoid overreacting.

From all this, it becomes clear that if you are in a relationship that causes you psychological harm

makes your heart suffer from pain
The relationship causes a decrease in your self-confidence and does not make you a better person. You have to leave this relationship so that you do not waste your time and psychological energy.