Unhealthy mother daughter relationships, The secret behind that!

Some studies indicate that Unhealthy mother daughter relationships are complicated at times, and there are good relationships, while other mothers avoid talking with their daughters for a long time. There are a bunch of patterns of Unhealthy mother daughter relationships.


What are the causes of Unhealthy mother daughter relationships?

The first pattern

It is the mother’s excessive control over her relationship with her daughter, and she continued pressure on her so that it facilitates control over the entirety of her life, and dissuades her from doing anything outside the mother’s thinking, while the daughter adheres to her belief that she is not good enough to do things on her own.


This behavior affects the daughter’s performance in school or work and prevents her from reaching higher goals, and often this daughter follows the same approach with her daughter when she grows up and forms her own family, so it remains unhealthy to criticize the mother for everything that the daughter says or does in all her behavior and behavior…


The second pattern

There is a mother who always pressures her daughter to do her work better and not to fail in what is put on her shoulders, otherwise, her mother will give this failure greater than its size.


The critical mother may constantly make it difficult for the daughter to love herself properly, and she is always possessed by the feeling that she is not good enough, and that fighting all the time, unfortunately, can cause great harm to the daughter, which is reflected in her love for her mother so that she sees her and considers her an “enemy.” ” to her.

Unhealthy mother daughter relationships, The secret behind that!

The third pattern

One of the most harmful patterns in a mother’s relationship with her daughter is the mockery of the daughter and the deliberate and repeated neglect, which makes the daughter feel as if she is not there. This can also lead to low self-esteem on the one hand, or her continued search for someone who gives her attention she did not receive from her mother.


Fourth pattern

The transgender mother is one of the most difficult relationships between a mother and her daughter, which no one can judge whether she is good or bad, as it all depends on the situation she appeared in at the time of the conflicts between them.


Fifth pattern

When the mother’s relationship with her daughter is good, she will see in her an extension of herself, and therefore she uses certain techniques to deal positively with her, which allows her to feel good about herself, while the relationship between them increases when the daughter becomes at an early age, helpful to her mother in everything, and she can lean on her at any time. You like it.


This pattern appears when the mother has very young children, even if the childhood of the eldest daughter is consumed in meeting the extra needs of the house, and even if this daughter feels that her mother’s interest goes to everyone except her, she remains satisfied with her relationship with her mother, as a result of the good treatment between them.


In addition to positively communicating with her daughter, as well as finding time to sit with her, laying down basic rules for dealing with each other, preparing talking points, and getting to know their true feelings are a good thing and a matter that is almost satisfactory to both parties.


In the end, the period of adolescence is a critical period in which the teenager feels sadness, depression, and the desire for rebellion and change. If the mother is understanding and close to her daughter, this stage has passed in peace. 


Education and her exit to the field of work gives her experiences, opinions, experiences and trends, which broadens her horizon and helps her in raising her children and caring for them, especially in terms of religious and value education.


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