What is an anxiety disorder?

What is an anxiety disorder?

What is an anxiety disorder?-Who among us does not feel anxious either for himself or for those around him, who among us does not worry about his future and the future of his children, who among us does not worry and fears for the one who loves to be afflicted with any harm, all of us are afraid and all of us worry, fear and anxiety are a natural human feeling that we feel, and we were not Of human beings that we do not worry or fear, but it is not this anxiety that we are talking about, but we are talking about disease anxiety.

As for the definition of anxiety in psychology, it is defined as a psychological condition that affects a person due to the gathering of many cognitive, behavioral and perceptual elements that lead to a person feeling a state of psychological discomfort. Fear and tension are also dominated by people, and a person cannot accurately determine the cause,

this anxiety may appear on A clear form of tension in a person and this feeling remains for long periods due to the person’s feeling that he may be exposed to danger, and sometimes the danger is actually present and in many cases the danger is just an illusory feeling and fantasies that the person suffers, which leads to his developing a state of severe anxiety and this negatively affects Human life and often hinders him from carrying out life tasks.

But there is a big difference between pathological anxiety and occasional anxiety, for the feelings of anxiety and tension that we all experience in our lives that afflict most people from time to time, and usually they are due to things that the person thinks about and weighs on him and sometimes they are the result of stress and tension, so treat anxiety and tension and a lack Sleep is one of the things that are companion to the path that does not stop from each other

but this type does not enter into the types of disease anxiety, as these are reactions and a warning signal for a dangerous situation that a person may face so that a person can face, but it becomes a problem and needs treatment if the matter exceeds its natural limits, if feeling Anxiety is not a bad thing, but this anxiety is at a certain rate and amount that the person does not exceed. For normal people, it is a stimulant and stimulus in order to overcome the danger, but if the matter goes too far, here we are facing a type of anxiety and need to treat severe psychological anxiety.

There is a simple hair between pathological anxiety and normal anxiety at its normal rate, and we must differentiate between them, so that we can easily identify the anxiety patient, to present him for treatment immediately.

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How to diagnose anxiety and stress

There are several criteria by which an anxiety and stress disorder is diagnosed in people, and they are: –

The individual feels a state of fear and intense anxiety without an apparent reason for this anxiety and fear, and the state of anxiety, tension, and fear accompanying the person continues over long months.

A person is unable to cope with feelings of anxiety and tension and is completely controlled by this state of anxiety.
Feeling anxious is accompanied by many neurological symptoms, such as irritability, distraction, difficulty concentrating, and the most severe of these symptoms sleep disturbances.

Anxiety impedes a person’s life, and life does not go normally, making a person’s life upside down due to feelings of anxiety and tension together.
The person feels anxious without any reason or because of a specific accident.

Feeling fear and anxiety prevent a person from carrying out his daily life and activities and also hamper his career.
This feeling of anxiety and fear affects a person’s private and marital life and can destroy it.
This anxiety and fear accompanies severe physical symptoms such as a rapid heartbeat, sweating, shortness of breath, and trembling throughout the body.