What is Forgiveness and What are the Benefits?

What is Forgiveness and What are the Benefits? The negative self in man is the one who gets angry, takes revenge and is punished, while the true nature of man is purity and Forgiveness of self, serenity and Forgiveness with others. Forgiveness is one of the very important morals that a person must possess. In this article, dear readers, we will talk to you about the concept of Forgiveness and its importance and benefits. Follow us in the next few lines.

Forgiveness is one of the noble qualities that help spread love among people, eliminate enmity, hatred and grudges, and strengthen the bonds of cooperation between members of society, including for the good of all.

The benefits that a person derives from Forgiveness are not limited to his relationships with others, but also reflect positively on his health, and the American newspaper “Huffington Post” presents the most prominent health benefits of Forgiveness.

What is Forgiveness and What are the Benefits?

What is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is one of the values related to the rights enjoyed by the democratic system, such as freedom of expression, equality before the law, respect for the minority, the rights of prisoners and not to harm them. Respecting the opinions of others and not infringing on them.

What are the Benefits of Forgiveness?

1- longevity

A study published in the American Journal of Behavioral Medicine revealed that people who prefer to apologize to others before they forgive them for their mistakes live shorter than those who tend to forgive unconditionally. 

2- Calm the tantrums

When a person feels angry, he is highly vulnerable to high blood pressure, heart rate, strokes, heart attacks and strokes. Forgiveness plays an important role in controlling feelings of anger and moving to a sense of calm and reassurance.

3- sleep

A study published in the American Journal of Behavioral Medicine in 2005 showed that Forgiveness was associated with a full range of health measures, including medications, sleep quality, and feeling tired. A decrease in negative feelings and desire for revenge helps reduce anxiety and depression that cause insomnia and lack of sleep.

4- Self-Forgiveness

Feelings of guilt dominate many after committing mistakes against others, and if a person learns how to forgive others, he becomes more able to deal positively with his mistakes and ask for forgiveness from others.

5- Heart health

A study published in the Journal of “Personal Relationships” showed that forgiveness helps control high blood pressure, in addition to eliminating feelings of anger, which is one of the most important causes of heart disease.

6- Strengthening the body’s immunity

Research presented at the American Behavioral Medicine Association meeting in 2011 showed that immunity improved significantly in people with HIV after forgiving people who made some mistakes against them, through a high percentage of cells called “CD4” closely related to the immune system.

7- Improving marital relations

Healthy marital relations are built on love and understanding, and a recent study at the University of Missouri confirmed that the concept of Forgiveness and transgression of mistakes between spouses plays a major role in the permanence of the relationship and a sense of stability in marital life.

8- Prevention of stress and stress

University of California researchers have found that forgiveness protects against the negative effects of stress on mental health in the long term.


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