when no one else believes in you believe in yourself. How do you do that?

when no one else believes in you believe in yourself. Self-belief is an essential component of achieving our goals. Without self-belief, others will not.


We do turn to others for validation in what we do or to see if we are on the right path. We just want our actions to mean something, not to feel that we are merely disappearing from this planet. This is why we should all strive to make a difference in the world.


We all want some tangible validation that we made a difference somewhere. We want to feel we made a noticeable impact on someone or something, and we hope that whatever we leave behind will still be remembered. If we can’t find that validation, we begin to doubt ourselves and second guess our decisions.


Otherwise we will only end up in a negative downward cycle. This is true for anything in life.


We have encountered those times when someone has believed in us and kept doing so regardless of what. It could be a teacher who instilled confidence in us, an acquaintance or a family member who makes a comment about our good traits that keeps us going in hard times. These individuals are quite rare and often quite special.


Constantly seeking inspiration from others will keep us on the hunt, always seeking. But what if we could dig deep within ourselves and find the belief in ourselves?


The outcome could be a tipping point that finally gets us moving in the direction of our dreams. We wouldn’t depend on outside sources, but would have a fire at our core that would fuel our actions.


when no one else believes in you believe in yourself or if it’s fizzled out, how do you start believing in yourself?


Three changes you need to make in your thinking.

when no one else believes in you believe in yourself

when no one else believes in you believe in yourself. How do you do that?

Three ways to believe in yourself when no one else believes in you.

  • Believe in the possibilities

This is where we can look to others for guidance, not for approval, but for a realistic view of what is possible for us.


Some people still think the world is flat (there are people still believing that in 2016). To believe otherwise was considered crazy back when most people thought the world was flat. People were afraid to push their boundaries because they were afraid of falling off the edge.


But there were pioneers who wanted to believe the world was round; they were intrepid explorers who paved the way for a new way of thinking and proved the world was really round, and also that there were vast new continents with riches we could only dream of.


A pioneer is someone who shows you a path. Those that encourage you to believe in possibility are present in our lives as well.


Seek out those who have succeeded in the path you wish to travel. Be their unofficial mentor, watch how they work in the world, and allow their example to guide your journey.

Believing in ourselves can take a leap of faith at times, but as we are the sum of our experiences, we often can draw on things we know for sure or know to be true to enable us to make that leap. This is the starting point for faith and confidence in ourselves.


All we need to do is look at our own innate talents, experiences, skills, strengths, and wisdom, and see how that leads us toward the things we are trying to achieve now. Looking at where we’ve come and where we’ve already been helps us see where we’re going.

  • Believe in what you do

Having confidence in your ability to achieve results is the final step in self belief. Knowing is trust in your ability to succeed. A lot of the time, this comes from a proven track record.


So how do we develop this stage?


Practice. AND Practice. AND Practice.


Over and over again until you’re confident you’ll be able to dunk those basketballs every time. Game night only requires visualizing and committing.


This is true no matter what you wish to do. Knowing that you have succeeded in the past gives you the confidence to proceed. And you haven’t succeeded in the past, but you do in the future.


Practice what you want to do. If you’re a salesperson, a sprinter, or an entrepreneur, keep going. The more you practice, the better you’ll get and you’ll start believing in yourself.


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