Who is the stubborn husband?

The intelligent wife is the one who can deal with her husband with skill and art, as each stubborn husband has a special nature and a different combination of personality.


Therefore, most wives complain about the difficulty of dealing with their husbands, especially if the husband is stubborn, so his wife feels that it is impossible to deal with him and negotiate any life or special matters for them.


As it is difficult for him to overcome any situation or crisis because he is always the obstinate party, who enjoys the survival of the conflict and does not put himself has an end and thus the wife strains, and feels that her life is hell.


Who is the stubborn husband?

A stubborn husband does not know a way to be flexible, and tends to change his opinions and ideas easily, and enjoys a kind of extreme persistence in his decisions and ideas, and he never accepts concessions, and he refuses to listen to the opinions of others, and does not accept blame and criticism.


The stubborn husband, the more you criticize him, the more stubborn he will be to his opinions.


A stubborn husband always strives to issue laws and regulations within his small kingdom at home out of his desire for control and order and his desire to implement all laws without controversy or discussion.


A stubborn husband always tends to make his own decisions without consulting his wife.


What are the difficulties that the wife faces in this situation?

A wife who has a stubborn husband faces many difficulties in how to deal with him and satisfy him, as he never listens to her and does not allow her to speak or express her views.


So he always tends to issue laws that are not subject to discussion or argument, even if he is wrong, he does not admit his mistake, and the stubborn husband appears callous and hard-tempered, so the wife suffers from how to deal with him.



  1. Your husband must feel that you accept him as he is, and he must always feel your love not only in words, but also in action, because love is enough to dissolve any sense of selfishness.
  2. Leave him talking until he finishes talking and be calm and control your nerves.
  3. Overlook his mistakes and faults and always raise his status in front of people and praise him in front of his family and family.
  4. Do not show permanent rejection of all his decisions, even if most of them are wrong, because he feels that his decisions are always rejected by you, thus increasing persistence and stubbornness.
  5. Try to strengthen your relationship with him and strengthen his social relations in order to acquire the skills of communication and communication with others and be able to listen well and accept the ideas of others.
  6. When the husband is stubborn, do not try to stop him, but let him express his emotions and anger.
  7. You should pay attention, O wife, to the fact that a stubborn person hates insistence and repeated requests, so stay away from insisting on your requests in the event of his refusal because he is more stubborn.
  8. Do not resort to dialogue while he is agitated, talk with him in a calm manner.
  9. Avoid harsh and nervous words while in dialogue with him about a topic.
  10. Beware that you blame him for the decisions he made alone that were not right, and try to inform him of the importance of your participation in the decisions.
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