Why do we long for those we love?

Definition of craving

Why do we long for those we love?-Longing is defined as an inner feeling of the loss of a person close and dear to one’s heart, which leads him to think about him and imagine him sometimes, or expect what he might do now, or the desire to see him always. Feeling missed; The aim of it is to strengthen the emotional attachment and grow his relationship with the beloved, as the mind improves the image of the beloved in front of this person, makes him overlook his negatives, and gives him a bright and beautiful image in front of him.

To attract and bring the two lovers together and consolidate their relationship, by stopping the work of the amygdala and the frontal cortex of the brain, which are the centers of positive thinking and decision-making in an accurate and wiser manner in a person, so the result is not thinking about his behaviors or qualities that may have bothered a person previously, and in return the feeling of his loss and addiction to him When he’s gone, he misses him badly.

Why do we long for those we love?

The reason why a person feels a longing for his beloved is due to several reasons, including the following: A person’s feeling of loneliness and the need for loved ones. Sometimes some feel an urgent need to be with other people around them, as they experience a severe sense of loss, instability, and insecurity when sitting far from them, and thus unable to deal with the matter And he hates staying alone, so he begins to think about the people close to him, even if they are not connected with him in a true love relationship, but he feels more secure and stable when he is with them, and he cannot dispense with them and sit alone.

The beloved has special qualities

The feeling of longing is sometimes associated with describing the beloved, with distinctive and attractive qualities, which make a person miss him just thinking about them, and when he is absent from him, he senses his presence and expresses his admiration for the way he deals or character, in addition to the positive qualities of some loved ones, or the polite way of dealing, and the sense of humor that makes They always smile around him, and they feel satisfied when present in the company of a pure spirit that fills the place with positive energy, joy, lightness, and the fun he enjoys, forcing those around him to remember him and always long for his spontaneity.

Why do we long for those we love?

Other reasons behind longing for loved ones

There are some things that stimulate and increase the feelings of love and longing among loved ones, including:

The presence of strong feelings of love and deep affection that bind the beloved, thus one is unable to overcome them and longs for his beloved as a natural and logical psychological reaction that stems from within, as a result of his feeling of separation and absence, even if that is for a short period. A person’s inability to control himself and his emotions, especially at the end of the relationship with the one he loves, or the disagreement with him

separation completely from him, and here the longing becomes a painful feeling that may be accompanied by a desire to return or regret the separation, and the matter may be exacerbated by psychological problems, such as: depression, asylum For isolation sometimes.

The development of modern means of technology and communication that bring loved ones closer and support their relationships, and enable them to communicate together continuously in an easy and simple way, which increases the feeling of longing and loss when a person is absent from his beloved; Because he is certain that he can see him and communicate with him immediately when desired.