Why do we love a specific person?

Why do we love

Why do we love a specific person?-Love expresses a series of beautiful and complex feelings that are difficult to describe in words accurately. It is a strong emotion that a person has towards his partner, but it differs from one person to another in his signs, the manner of expression, the behavior resulting from him, and the amount of feeling he possesses, depending on the culture of each person and his personality.

But it is definitely a great feeling that makes him attach to the beloved, cares for him, takes care of him, and feels his direction with affection, need, longing, and other deep warm feelings, just as people differ in the interpretation of love, and about whether it was a person’s choice or a feeling that occurs without awareness It cannot be predicted and controlled, but nevertheless it will remain a distinct emotion that grows with time and crowns a person’s life with happiness and joy when he is sincere in his feelings, and harmoniously with his partner.

Why do we love a specific person?

A person is confused about the true reason behind falling in love with his partner, as this love can be built due to various factors, but they are not standards that apply to everyone, except that some of them may be a reason for admiring the beloved and falling in love with him, namely:

Compatibility and harmony with him shows compatibility between a person and his lover as a main attraction that makes him fall in love with him with the passage of time, and harmony is through the following aspects:

The similarity of the way of thinking, and the presence of common points in the personality of each of them make them very harmonious, thus bringing them closer. Spending time together constantly, meeting always, either because of work or friendship in the beginning, or near the place of residence, in the end, they are reasons that help them to get to know each other better, and bring the distance between their hearts closer.

Why do we love a specific person?

Social relationships that affect the relationship between a person and his partner, and maybe a reason for their harmony and connection, such as the existence of family relationships, or the partner’s possession of ideal social standards for the personality that a person wants to enter into a relationship with or others.

Personal attractiveness

One’s personal attractiveness plays an important role in obtaining the admiration and friendliness of the people around him, and it may be a reason for someone to fall in love with him, and among the manifestations of personal attractiveness are the following:

Taking care of the attractive external appearance: through the beloved’s care of himself, and his elegant external appearance, and the following advantages: taking care of personal hygiene, and taking care of external hygiene as well, such as preserving the beautiful smell of the body, clean teeth, healthy skin, and others.

The interest in having a consistent body indicates a healthy diet or exercise. Wearing elegant clothes that fit the person, or distinguished himself in a distinctive style that attracts the attention of others and attracts them strongly.

Hairstyling and care to increase the elegance and highlight its attractiveness and beauty. The way to stand comfortably and upright, or walk in a straight and calm manner, indicates self-confidence and an increase in attractiveness.

The inner core

What attracts others: the inner essence radiates clearly and appears through one’s actions and his dealings with others, and it is a reason to consolidate his relationship with them and gain their affection and love, and that is through the following appearances

The lover’s respect for his partner and others around him, which raises his status and increases his esteem in front of his partner, and develops feelings of love towards him over time.

Being aware, responsible, and fully aware of his words, actions, and actions, and taking into account the feelings of others, which makes the partner proud of him and respects him more. The lover’s self-confidence, which makes him unique to the partner, is able to rely on him, and he wants to ask for his opinion as well.

A sense of humor, acceptance of humor, and the desire for fun, as a fun person is usually a source of positive energy for those around him, and makes them want to approach him.

The presence of a mysterious part in the lover drives the partner to the desire to understand him and communicate with him more, and he may end up falling in love with him overtime when he finds him distinguished and different from others, but the lover should not exaggerate his ambiguity and not show himself to his partner, so he thinks he is trying to keep him away from him.