Why Envy May Actually Be a Good Thing For You?

Why Envy May Actually Be a Good Thing For You? We are all guilty of comparing ourselves to others. We know we shouldn’t…but we do it anyhow.


And We either look at what they’re doing and wish we were doing it ourselves, or we look at them and pass critical, if not cynical, judgments.


It might be difficult to acknowledge, yet we all experience jealousy and envy from time to time. We probably do it more frequently than we are comfortable admitting to ourselves. 


In many respects, the emergence of social media and the sugar-coated impression we have of other people’s activities through their images and updates has just exacerbated this.


We live in a period where we unintentionally compare our own lives to our perceptions of others’ lives.


So, how can we change our perspective so that we may have a healthy and pleasant connection with our feelings of envy and Why Envy May Actually Be a Good Thing For You?


Why Envy May Actually Be a Good Thing For You

  1. It Has the Ability to Speak

According to Shauna, jealousy quietly guides you to your objective. You may hear it directing you in the path that you may wish to investigate deep inside. You are pulled to something by a strong desire. 


What is your motivation for pursuing it? What would you do if you had access to it?


Envy is not something to strive towards, nor should it be encouraged, but it is vital to pay attention to what it is telling you.


Once we’ve processed our jealousy, we may often dismiss it as trivial and inconsequential. 


But there are moments when we feel a calling from inside – a voice pulling us toward something with which we actually connect; things that will help us to live a more honest expression of who we are (hobbies, jobs, careers, people, worldviews, lifestyles etc).


  1. It can help you concentrate.

Envy occurs. It’s a natural part of existence. Do you let it govern your behavior unthinkingly, or do you pay attention and try to grasp what it’s saying?


Make the most of those times when the deep underlying voice comes to the surface to speak with you. Pay attention.


It might help you refocus when you are drifting and feel off track in life. You wish you had someone else’s level of clarity? 


What is the focal point? Success on the route they’re on? It’s time to make that shift, to listen to what your life is telling you about what you should do. Begin your own trip now.


  1. It’s Not About Them, It’s About You

What are you truly experiencing when you’re scrolling through photographs on social media and have an envious thought?


It is talking to you about your life, not theirs. If you wish you were in the photos from the social event, maybe you’re urging yourself to contact someone, invite them out to dinner, or spend some time with other people.


Do you truly enviously look at your friend’s travel photographs, or are you persuading yourself that it would be wonderful to go on a small trip of your own? What does your jealousy have to say about YOUR own decisions?

  1. It is possible to inhibit it, although…

We are not removing the poison when we repress envy and hence ignore certain potentially wonderful and healthy deeper callings that we may have. We’re merely relocating it to a location where it can be more corrosive and long-lasting.


It manifests itself as cynicism, judging others, anger, anger, and even greater jealousy. It returns with a vengeance. 


This occurs when we allow external belief systems to define what we should and should not pursue in life, effectively suppressing our natural inclinations.


  1. It’s a narrative, after all.

Envy is a fiction we make ourselves about someone else’s life. It isn’t true. It’s all a matter of perception. Always keep in mind that our perceptions of others’ lives are rarely accurate.


Be cautious with envious features of someone else’s/their life. Envy, for example, might cause us to assume that if we had what others had, we would be happy.


This is the eternal lie of envy, and it’s why it’s such a poison in our life.


We must distinguish between the two: jealousy may bring us to who we are deep down, but it may also drive us away from who we can be.


It is the quiet voice within us all that might offer clues to the reality of our deepest desires, not your goal or motive. Don’t linger there. Accept it, comprehend it, and go forward with an attitude of abundance.


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