Why Is It A Waste Of Time To Look For Love?

Why Is It A Waste Of Time To Look For Love? What if I told you that love is pointless? You’re not going to agree, are you? You won’t, of course!


You’ve probably heard that love is a wonderful sensation that makes you whole and a million other things, but it’s simply your hormones playing with your rational mind.


There are a few outliers, but for the most part, this is all nonsense. Here we go with the post without further ado.


Why Is It A Waste Of Time To Look For Love?

  1. You spend an excessive amount of time thinking about him or her.

Yes, if you had used that time to do something useful. By now, you’d most likely be a billionaire. S/he is constantly on your thoughts, and you have no idea if they share your feelings or not.


In other words, you’re squandering your limited time on this planet for the sake of so-called “Love.”


Consider devoting the same amount of time in your improvement if you are younger. It will be beneficial to you in the long term.


  1. You’re clinging to your phone.

Simply put, how many hours do you spend online waiting for his/her messages? 10 hours, 12 hours, or 16 hours? Isn’t it likely to be 16? When do you find time for yourself or your loved ones? You probably don’t speak to your relatives very much, either!


Anything in excess is certain to bring harm, and using your phone excessively is no exception.


Consider limiting the amount of time you dedicate to these Sweet discussions if you don’t want them to turn Bitter in the long term.


  1. Your perplexity has no bounds.

You’re always perplexed. Whether he or she likes me, whether it’s true love, if he or she is dating someone behind your back, if he or she is honest about their feelings, and if he or she will always be with you… And there are tens of thousands more.


Come to social networks and chat rooms, and it doesn’t stop there.


What does “hmm” stand for? Why did he/she act as though he/she was bored when conversing with me? Why did he/she go offline before me, and why didn’t he/she like my status?


Confusions, Confusions, Confusions.


You’re completely perplexed by questions like this. When you’re in love, you might call yourself a “Confused Soul.”


  1. You’re preoccupied.

Compare and contrast your pre-relationship and post-relationship lives. Isn’t it true that your productivity has dropped? If this did not occur, you are most likely not in true love.


We are frequently so engrossed in this fancy term known as “Love” that we forget to accomplish what is most essential to us. You are, believe it or not, suffocating your own future. (Unless you’re already worth a million dollars.)


  1. Your mood is influenced by your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Have you had a good conversation with him/her today? Throughout the day, you will be content. However, if you haven’t had a conversation or a minor altercation, you will be depressed and may feel compelled to beat everyone who gets close to you.


In other words, someone else has an impact on your entire attitude.

Isn’t it possible that you’re giving them too much control over you? Consider this:


  1. You keep attempting to make him/her happy.

You don’t grow tired of it, do you? I mean, who will f*cking try to please everyone all of the time? You must dress in their preferred attire and make sacrifices for them. For me, it’s a complete no-no. It’s a different storey if he or she accepts you for who you are.


  1. You’re constantly in “Waiting” mode.

You’re waiting for something, whether it’s a message, a phone call, or something else else. However, you will undoubtedly be in a state of “waiting.” When you’re in a relationship, waiting for a long time seems natural. We don’t have to deal with such difficulties as singles, and we may do anything we want.


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