Why not forget who we love

Forgetfulness in love

Why not forget who we love-Love gives a person a very beautiful feeling, which makes falling in love very easily. One of them may simply fall in love, and at the first sight, leaving this beloved, deserting him, and forgetting him, is the difficult and painful matter

for no matter how long a person may feel nostalgic for The beloved, and the memories that gathered between them, remember the past with longing and feels the pain of loss, which does not go away, for these memories associated with the beloved cannot easily fade from the mind, as they inhabit the soul and sit on the throne of the heart, despite the emotional pain that accompanies them. It is impossible to erase these memories from the memory, to forget them, and to get rid of the feelings connected to them.

Reason not to forget

A person is the one who loves There are some reasons that prevent a person from forgetting the one he loves, such as giving him appreciation and great value to the lover, which is almost greater than his self-esteem, in addition to the person’s love for his ability to love, the feeling that he is loved, and that there is a person who loves him in his life, as It is emotionally related to the period in which he felt love, which makes him unforgettable, even after the separation, and after a long time after that separation, in addition to the lack of any intention to return to the beloved or to communicate with him, as the internal images of past love

make the inner world of him A person is rich, as these images show a person’s loving soul, and add strength to him, as they make him more capable of love, and give him experience about himself, as a lover, because a person cannot control his memories, and it may take 6-18 months to recover from separation, but he tries to control the emotional impact Resulting from memories, as he tries to accept reality and adapt to it

The way the brain works makes forgetting love impossible, and the reasons are:

Emotional memories

Why not forget who we love

Why not forget who we love

The physical signs of the person leave a rational creature who uses logic, but he is basically an emotional creature, so that his emotions are connected to each other from one point to another, to make him able to relate emotionally to others and take care of them, as well as make love a great importance for him, especially for his brain, because the romantic relationship makes the person feel comfortable Safety and love, which leads to a feeling of calmness, and the removal of feelings of tension and fear of it, and this causes the feeling of intense pain when exposed to betrayal or separation, in addition to that

emotional memories create physical signs (in English: somatic markers) that are formed in the form of permanent nervous connections It is linked to emotional memories related to the lover

which leaves an imprint on a person’s life, and on feelings of happiness and hope for him. For example, a specific smell can return memories associated with that scent, as well as return the feelings associated with it.

The past is an integral part of human life

The past and past love are part of a person’s life, and it is impossible for a person to forget a part of his life, so he cannot forget the past and the love that he lived in it. Another

forgetting for the mind is a step backward, preventing the growth of the personality in it. The character is formed through the story of a person’s life, and the feelings and experiences in that story.

Ways to forget about love

A person can continue in his life and move forward upon separation, and the end of the love relationship, especially with the passage of time, be patient and follow some methods that relieve the pain of memories, including the following:

Excluding a person from life completely A person cannot be forgotten without cutting contact with him, so it is better not to communicate with him, block him from all accounts on social media, and delete his phone number, even if there is a desire to remain friends in the future, but at the present time it is necessary Moving away from this person, focusing on transcending him and forgetting him

admitting that there is no hope for reconciliation and returning together, surrendering to this idea, and reminding oneself that the matter is completely over, and a letter can be written to the beloved without sending it to him, and denying it all the feelings and memories associated with him

in addition Collecting all the belongings of the ex-lover and disposing of them, regardless of the emotional memories that are stuck in the memory, seeing pictures and videos related to the ex-lover leads to arousing pain and emotions, so it is better to remove them until recovery, and the person returns to normal.