Why those who heal the wounds of others often end up in toxic relationships

couple in a toxic relationship

 They are always looking for the best in people. They are always convinced that there is good in all of us. And sometimes, that’s right, they’re right. Sometimes they try to bring it out. But when you have to make many efforts to try to get there, it ends up draining all the light and all the good energy that we have


They like the challenges

They are attracted to these people because they like complex projects
. If you give them someone who has no problem, no luggage, they will get bored quickly. These people like people who are on their guard, who repel them. Because when they finally succeed in gaining their trust, their love and their loyalty, they know that it was worth it even if it was not easy


They like to see how far the other can push him away. It becomes toxic when they fight. They constantly challenge each other as if it were a deadly fight. They finally realize that they hurt each other

They do not give up easily

Even when someone is not worthy of their efforts, they do not abandon him and enter vicious toxic circles and never really have a functional or stable relationship

But sometimes people who love to heal people’s wounds give love without requiring it to be reciprocal and that’s when the relationship becomes toxic

They play the role they need

They always try to be what someone needs, even if it means compromising their self-esteem to soothe them

And people use them. Maybe it’s emotionally. Maybe it’s physically. But those who try to repair others let the toxic people get away with it. And in return, they will never be the rock they can count on and need

They will try to cure them

They will love unconditionally thinking it’s enough
But toxic people have things in their life and in their past, they can not heal. They are just learning to live with what has happened to them. They hide the pain as if it never happened


It becomes toxic because they try to make them do things in the hope that talking will cure them. But even if they trust them enough to tell them what happened, they will never really understand unless they have lived through it

They think they can change them

You can not enter a relationship by trying to change someone or thinking that you are the person who has that ability

People must want to change for themselves, and the more you try to heal someone’s wounds, the more they will end up resenting you

.It becomes toxic when he accuses the other of wanting to make him someone he is not

They are not afraid of dark sides

They saw all their dark sides, and despite that, they chose to stay. They are in love no matter how toxic they may be to them

But it becomes really toxic when they project their anger and suppress their emotions on them


These relationships do not stop because love is not there but because those who care for people deserve more

These people are heartbroken by the one for whom they would have given everything. They move away gradually by stopping to trust people so easily


They learn that love can really happen in their life. But they have to change if they want to. People who repair others are the best relationship. They are the ones who change them. Those who give them hope in a life where they thought they would end up alone