Youth relations! This is what means to you

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Before starting to talk about relationships between teenagers, I feel I need to make a clarification. Many people when they think of the word relationship, automatically equate it to love or sexual relationship. According to the general definition of relationship, this is any connection between two or more elements and these elements can be anything from chemicals to humans. Therefore from this definition it is simple to deduce the meaning of this word applied to human beings. A relationship between teenagers can be any kind of relationship

  1. among same-sex adolescents
  2. among boys of the opposite genre, such as boyfriend girlfriend relationships
  3. among teenagers and other people of the same or different sex and different age.

The quality of these relationships can also vary, but there are two types of adolescent relationships that I will talk about here;

  • teenage and friendships
  • teenage love relationships

Teen friendships

This type of relationship with the adolescent will fit into all three categories above. It can exist between a teenager and other people of different or equal sex or age. A good friend – regardless of age or gender – is one of the best things you can have on this earth. A true friend who is special to you and means a lot to you. A person who is always there for you.

Many successful love relationships began with friendship and this is probably the reason for its success. The better you know the other person, the better you will get on with him or her and in a long lasting love relationship – as a man and a woman – your appreciation of your partner as a friend will mean much more than anything else. If we look from the other hand, it seems much more difficult to build a friendship from a sexual relationship or love. In fact, I haven’t heard of it, maybe you have but the point is that a good friendship is always good to have both as the basis of a future love relationship and as a friendship alone.

An adolescent friendship can exist among anyone, regardless of gender, age, race, background or otherwise. A 13-year-old girl and a 50-year-old man can have a great and even lifelong friendship together, as well as two same-sex teenagers.

Love teen reports

While you can speak frankly and frankly in a friendship, many of us are more aware of not hurting our partner in a love relationship. This can evolve into a certain degree of lies and even no communication just to protect your partner.

There are even more mutual expectations in a love relationship and more intimate emotions are involved than in a good friendship. A teenage love affair can be great and lasting, but if there is no basis for friendship in it the probability of sustaining it is significantly lower. There are some legal limitations regarding who can go into a love or sexual relationship. It is illegal for people aged 18 and over to have a sexual relationship with a minor, but it is absolutely not illegal to have older friends.

A good friendship is one of the best gifts with which God has provided our lives and, even if I married the sweetest boy or girl in the world, none of you will be happy if you are not good friends.

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